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Historical Review of Lion sponsored Chess Activities:

A) Looking Back:

Archived News:

Past major events (2006 to 2016):
2014 City Fullerton City Chess Championship Tournament
The annual Fullerton Host Lions-sponsored City Chess Championship
Tournament was held for the 9th time on May 23rd at Ladera Vista Jr-High school. To view listing the first, second and third place
finishers for the previous 8 city tournaments please click on TOURNAMENT HISTORY. An impressive showcase for Fullerton chess
talent during the past decade! (To see this year's tournament results, attendees, and trophy winners, Click Here) The tournament
was a lively event, with both the youngest and oldest contestants , the “book-end kids”, walking away with key trophies.
Kindergartener Owen Tang, Sunset Lane tied for first in the K+1st+2nd grade tournament (he actually won on a tie-break), and
William Chwa (Troy) who last year came very close, won the “Super-Champion” flight to earn the title of Scholastic City Chess
Champion of 2014. The Super-Champion flight featured the best and the brightest, all of them US Chess Federation-rated players.
This included a third grader (Henry Tang - Acacia) and two fourth-graders (Anthony Kharrat - Laguna Road, and Denny Lee –
Sunset Lane). The latter fought his way past several older players to take second place! And Julia Hsing prevailed in a series of
blitz games against her two main competitors to win the 6th-8th grade tournament – this to uphold respect for the fair sex!
There weren’t enough players to have a separate tournament at each grade level, necessitating combining K-2nd, 4th & 5th and
6th-8th grades into one tournament each. Trophies were then awarded based on the player’s placement in his tournament & the
number of players at his grade level. The following emerged as champions: K - Owen Tang (K-Sunset Lane) 1st & 2nd - Andrew Song
(2nd – Laguna Road) 3d – Gregory Chen (3d – Laguna Road) 4th & 5th – Henry Luo (5th – Acacia) 6th, 7th & 8th – Julia Hsing
(6th – Laguna Road) Super-Champion (SS) flight – William Chwa (11th -Troy) Placing second to win trophies were Joseph Kim
(2nd – Sunset Lane), Alex Lee (3d – Laguna Road), Justin Kim (4th – Sunset Lane), Kenny Tang (5th – Sunset Lane), Elvin Anam
(8th – Parks) and Denny Lee (Sunset Lane). Third place trophies went to Micah Fosmark (3d – Hermosa Drive), Jonathan Hsing
(5th – Laguna Road). In the Super-championship flight Isaac Kim (8th – Fisler) finished third, and Michael Zhu (7th – Ladera Vista)
fourth. A complete list of participants and their grouping into different section is shown in the “List of 2014 FCCC Participants”,
which also shows the number of participants from the various elementary, junior high schools/middle schools and high schools.
As in the past Laguna Road had the largest number of participants (18), but for the first time ever they were almost matched by
another school (Sunset Lane, with only 5 players) for bragging right for the most trophies. Congratulations, Sunset Lane! In
addition to Host Lions members Jennifer Baron, Barbara Riordan, Joe Scherzinger and Nayleen Werner, the Fullerton Senior Center
chess club and several parents provided great support to run a smooth tournament (not a single child was lost!): seniors
John Darling, Moses Miro, , Stan Tinkle; parents Mrs. Chen, Mrs. Son and Mr. Wei Tang; Kyle Mori (last year's city champ);
friend Arline S. and parent-photographer Cathy Yang."
To see an album of pictures taken during the event, click HERE. 2014 Morrison Scholastic Chess Tournament
For the 41th year, and for the fifth year in Fullerton, a scholastic chess event was held at the Ladera Vista Jr. high School on
January 25th: the annual Morrison Scholastic Chess Tournament. The event was organized and conducted by retired Buena Park
Jr. High School teacher Dewain Barber, and sponsored by American Chess Equipment (his company recently sold) and the Fullerton
Host Lions Club, with facility support from the Fullerton School District. This year’s event was the largest ever: 125 students from
Orange County and environs participated in the free open tournament, and another 50 US Chess Federation rated players students
played in a concurrent tournament run by Hanley’s Chess Academy. Due partly to the reduced chess during this school year we had
fewer Fullerton students in the tournament than in the past: only 13 vs. 25 last year. The following students played in the non-rated
Morrison: 5th grade (all from Laguna Road) Mathew Song - 1st place William Kim - 3d place Kash Wiley - 3d place (see photo A)
Junah Kim - did not place 6th grade Irfan Iqbal - Arborland Montessori, 3d place (see Photo B) 7th Grade& Nathan Chen -Parks Jr. High,
3d place in the 7th-9th grade section (see Photo C) 9th grade Eeman Iqbal - Troy HS, 1st place in the 7th-9th grade section (see Photo C)
High School Vijay Konka - - Troy HS - did not place In the rated tournament Isaac Kim (Fisler) won his under-1000 rated group which
had 22 players! (The bad news is that his rating went above 1000, so he will have to play with the big boys the next time!). Jonathan
and Julia Hsing played in the same group, with a respectable tie for 5th place. In the Open section 4th grader Henry Tang
(Acacia, rated 1265) played – and lost - his first game against the eventual winner (rated at 1729!), and finished in a respectable tie for 9th
in field of 22. Michael Zhu (Hermosa Drive) could have tied him with another win, but did not. The event started with the Host Lions
Chess Activities Coordinator Pete Baron presenting a plaque, signed by city, school district and Orange County notables, to Dewain
Barber in an appreciation to his tremendous contribution to the cause of scholastic chess in Orange County, and specifically in Fullerton.
Mr. Barber has supported this tournament as a volunteer since its inception, and for the past twenty years publicized, organized, ran
(with volunteer support) and financed this tournament. The prospect of playing in this tournament, and the subsequent recognition by
the Fullerton Observer, has been a significant motivation for students to continue their chess activities, with the attendant benefits of
acquiring habits of tactical and strategic thinking, patience, concentration and good sportsmanship that are inherent in the great game
of chess. It should be noted that Mr. Barber has also been involved in the annual Staser Scholastic Chess Tournament, typically held in
South Orange County but also attracting Fullerton players (though fewer in number), again as volunteer and later as organizer etc during
the same years as for the Morrison Scholastic. The Fullerton Host Lions salute this remarkable career in volunteerism and service to the
community, a hallmark of Lions all over the world.

Click here for "Tips" from Susan Polgar on Chess Basics Click here for Lion's "Tips" for effective Chess Tournament Play

Top News of the 2009/2010 Year: Led by Sean Manross, Andres Kao, Sarah Young and Joshua Yoo,
Fullerton students compiled an amazing record in two November tournaments (see FLASH below)

    1) Chess Club sponsorship.

    2) Chess Workshops.

    3) Susan Polgar Simult in August 2009. See Photos

    4) Participation in Morrison and Staser Interscholastic Tournaments.

    5) Fullerton City Championship. See Photos
Click here for full listing of the Fullerton City Chess Champs from 2006 to 2009: city champs

Fullerton scholastic chess players compiled a remarkable record in November of 2009.  
The highlight: senior Sean Manross and sophomore Andrew Kao, both from
Sunny Hills High School, finished first and second BOTH in the Staser Scholastic
Tournament held at the Great Park on 11/20, and in the  American Open Scholastic
Tournament held in Los Angeles on November 28 - a truly remarkable achievement!  
Troy senior Botao Jiang finished fourth to barely miss a 1-2-3 sweep of the tournament
by the Fullerton contingent.

In addition to Sean and Andrew, four other Fullerton students, all from Laguna Road
Elementary, participated in the Staser Scholastic Tournament.  The results were
outstanding: Joshua Yoo and Sarah Young WON the 3d and 5th grade tournaments,
with 4th grader Elvin Anam finishing third in his grade, and Aaron Yoo finishing fourth
in a very tough and competitive 6th grade tournament.  

PLEASE NOTE:  A substantial article on page 8 of the Saturday 12/12 Local section of
the Orange County Register reported on the success Sean Manross, Andrew Kao and
Botao Jiang had at the LA  American Open Scholastic. The article describes how
Fullerton’s chess culture sponsored by the Fullerton Host Lions Club encouraged
Sean and Andrew to develop their chess skills, and contains entertaining quotes by
Sean on how he views the game. On-line version appeared on Friday, 12/11 and can
be viewed at

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