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Photo Album 2013-2014: Fullerton City Championship

2014 Fullerton city chess championship Tournament Results (detailed)

The trophies awarded are listed below.  Because we have had to merge grades to make a good tournament, not every grade had three trophy winners. Obviously, when only two show up in a single grade, they will not get two trophies.  Rather, how they finished in the tournament and within their grade decided what trophy they received. For example, if someone finished third in a tour-nament that had three grades (K,1 and 2, or 6,7,and 8) they got a third grade trophy for their own grade.

The colors below indicate each tournament group (section).  Some of the grades (3d, and 4&5) were broken into two sections, and the winners and second placers in each played off for first place and third place, respectively.

Grouping by sections

  1st place 
2nd place 3d place
Kindergarten -1 Owen Tang*

First grade - 2
Joseph Kim

Second grade - 5
Andrew Song Alex Lee -

Third grade - 9  
Gregory Chen
Kyle Kang Micah Fosmark
Fourth grade - 2
Justin Kim -

Fifth grade - 9 Henry Luo Kenny Tang Jonathan Hsing
Sixth grade - 2 Julia Hsing -

Seventh grade -
Nathan Chen
Eighth grade -
Elvin Anam -

Superchamps WILLIAM CHWA (11)** Denny Lee (4) Isaac Kim (8) 4th -Michael Zhu (7)

Participation by school (number of trophies in parentheses): 
  Laguna Road -17 (5), Sunset Lane - 6 (4),  Arborland Montessori - 3, Hermosa Drive-2 (2), Acacia-2(1)
  Ladera Vista - 3 (1), Parks - 2 (2), , Fisler - 1(1), Beechwood -1
  Troy HS - 3 (1)

Note the strong showing by Sunset Lane - they almost caught with Laguna Road (the perennial leader) in the number trophies!

* Owen not only won the kindergaten trophy, but he actually tied for first in the k-1st-2nd tournament! Not bad for the shortest (by far) tournament participant!

** William Chwa is the 2014 FULLERTON SCHOLASTIC CHESS CHAMPION.  Congratulations!!  And fourth-grader Denny Lee’s 2nd place finish in the super-champ flight was also pretty impressive - good show!!

3rd Grade action, 05/17/13 4th grade action, 05/17/13
K-2nd co-champ Owen Tang & Pete Baron
starting parents in the bleachers
K-2nd grade action 3rd grade action
2nd grader action; intense concentration Owen Tang on the attack
4th grade action 3rd grade trophies
K thru 2nd grade with Wei Tang 3rd grade trophies (Gregory Chen champ)
5th grade trophies Tension in the crowd
5th grade group: Acacia dominates LR crowd viewing tense blitz game
Top 5 superchamps 05/17/13
SuperChamp__action_-_Chwa_n_Lee Superchamp group
William Chwa & Pete
6-8 th grade
City Champ William Chwa & Tourney Director
6th - 8th grade group


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